11 JANUARY 2017


Beginning at approximately 04:45h UTC on 10 January 2017, the data center housing the .VI back-end systems suffered a hardware failure which resulted in it being disconnected from the internet.  At approximately 05:45h UTC on 10 January 2017, the zone file for .VI, as well as the zone files for CO.VI, COM.VI, K12.VI, NET.VI, and ORG.VI expired.  At this point the name servers for these zones ceased to resolve the domain names within these zones, and the zones went dark.

After an outage of approximately 16 hours, DNS resolution for the VI, CO.VI, COM.VI, NET.VI, and ORG.VI zones was restored, and the zones quickly became globally visible.  Restoration of the K12.VI zone was achieved at approximately 15:15h UTC on 11 January.

The EPP Registry system was restored with no loss of data by 10.00h UTC on 11 January.  Restoration of the Registry’s Retail Registration system continues.

It appears that a backplane for the switches which interconnect the data center equipment with the internet failed, causing the redundant switches to simultaneously fail, possibly due to a power surge.  The precise cause of the incident is still under investigation.

NIC-VI sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused by this outage, and is taking all necessary steps to insure that this cannot happen again.